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Recent Feedback


Dear Sirs,

We are talking pen (learning system) maker in Taiwan. I am just wondering if you do license "Alphablocks" ? if so, whom should I contact with?

We think this program will help kids in Taiwan learn English better.

Your reply will be highly appreciated. I can be reach at

Best regards, sandra


Hi guys, my 2 1/2 year old loves Bing. But he asks me everytime why does Pando keep taking his pants off when he goes to play. Can you help me answer this?


Operation Ouch is a highly successful TV show broadcast in Australia yet some online content such as games and video are restricted to UK residents. Any chance we can get access to this content. Either via a website or app. Thanks


Hi we love having Cbeebies in New Zealand now but the channel advertises programmes that are not even on, leading to dissappointed kids. It keeps showing Topsy and Tim as being on weekdays at 5.10pm but this is not the case. Can you be more accurate with what you are advertising please?