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Go Jetters party planning


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Go Jetters party planning

You’ve decided to give your little one a Go Jetters party but where do you start? We’ve got some top tips to help you plan your fun day with the Go Jetters, Grandmaster Glitch and Ubercorn.



Print out the Go Jetters party invites to send to your friends. You could also invite them to dress up in the colour of their favourite Go Jetter to get them in the mood – keep the dress code simple so that everyone can join in.


Try your hand at some of our recipes to give your party a Go Jetters boost. Don’t worry if you aren’t super confident in the kitchen – we’ve got step-by-step instructions for you to follow:

You can also make some fun Go Jetters cupcakes or biscuits. Kids will love picking out their favourite characters to munch on!


Pin the moustache on Glitch

  1. Print out this picture of Glitch and stick it on the wall.
  2. Either blindfold or get the children to shut their eyes, gently spin them around a few times and then give them Glitch’s moustache to stick on the picture. Guide them to the wall and then get them to stick it down. You could demonstrate the first go so they know what to do.
  3. Write their name on Glitch’s picture wherever they place the moustache.
  4. The one who places the moustache nearest to the correct position wins a prize.

Musical statues Ubercorn style

  1. Get into a funky mood by playing some tunes to dance to. You could include the Go Jetters theme tune in your playlist.
  2. Pause the music every now and again. Once the music stops get the children to stand as still as they can in a funky Ubercorn pose.
  3. If anyone moves, they are out.
  4. The winner is the last child in the game.

Pass the parcel

  1. Wrap a small gift.
  2. Add enough layers of wrapping so that there is at least one for each child attending the party.
  3. Pass the parcel in time with the music and when the music stops, the child holding the parcel unwraps a layer.
  4. Cut out and add the Go Jetters challenges in between each layer to keep your Go Jetters theme.

Suggested challenges to go in the parcel (download here):

  • Shout Grimbles! as loud as you can
  • Do a funky Ubercorn pose
  • Show us your favourite Kyan gymnastics pose
  • Run around the group as fast as you can like Xuli
  • Say ‘Hit it! Ow!’ like Ubercorn
  • Turn yourself into the shape of the Eiffel Tower
  • Sing the theme tune
  • Shout Go Jetters, Go!
  • Tell everyone a funky fact you know
  • Pretend to get into the Vroomster and fly it
  • Jump like Kyan
  • Pretend to be a camel in the Sahara desert
  • Shout ‘Geographic!’ like Lars
  • Shout ‘Who’s da corn it’s Ubercorn!’
  • Giggle like a Grimbot
  • Pretend to be an exploding volcano
  • Hold up your hand like the Statue of Liberty

Where am I?

  1. Print the four landmarks and stick one in each corner of the room.
  2. Keep the funky facts to hand.
  3. When the music stops, tell the children a funky fact and then ask ‘Where am I?’
  4. The children need to run to the corner of the room that has the poster of the location they think it is.
  5. Anyone who is wrong is out.
  6. Keep going until there is only one child left – they are the winner.
  7. If they keep going for too long (or they all know the answers) simply get them to run to a corner when the music stops. Pick a corner at random without looking and then everyone at that location is out.

Landmarks quiz

  1. Ask the children to see if they can recognise these funky facts.
  2. Split the room into half and get them to run to the side they think e.g. if you think Niagara Falls is in Canada and the USA run to this side, if you think it’s in Iceland go to this side. Go!
  3. You can either give them a token/ticket if they get it right with the winner being the one with the most tokens at the end. Or, you can just keep playing for fun. If you get it wrong you could be out!

Quiz questions

Where is Niagara Falls?

  • a) Canada and USA
  • b) Iceland

What is the name of the large circle of standing stones arranged in position of the sun to help people know what time of year it was?

  • a) Stone circle
  • b) Stonehenge

What is the name of the big structures in Egypt built to bury their pharaohs (kings)?

  • a) The Great Houses
  • b) The Great Pyramids

The Brandenburg Gate is in which capital city?

  • a) Paris, France
  • b) Berlin, Germany

The Eiffel Tower is made out of:

  • a) Iron
  • b) Copper

The people of Ancient Mexico invented:

  • a) Pogo stick
  • b) Rubber ball

The Statue of Liberty stands on Liberty Island in:

  • a) San Francisco
  • b) New York Harbour

The coldest and windiest place on Earth is:

  • a) Antarctica
  • b) Rocky Mountains

Which is the world’s largest rainforest?

  • a) Daintree National Park, Australia
  • b) The Amazon Rainforest

The Taj Mahal is in which country?

  • a) India
  • b) Thailand

Arts and crafts

With young children, you might find that some of them don’t want to join in with the games or that they initially have to warm up to the party. One way of facilitating this is to have some arts and crafts activities to hand.

You can print out their favourite Go Jetters characters to colour in. You could make a gallery and stick them up around the room to give it more of a Go Jetters feel. Don’t forget to write their names on their pictures so you can remember whose is whose when they want to take them home at the end.

If you want to do more crafts at the party there are some finger puppets of the Go Jetters they can colour.

Also, a more parent-led craft is making Ubercorn and Grandmaster Glitch models. You’d need to create a kit of parts for these makes before the party – it would mean that the children would have a lovely model to take home at the end.

Alternatively, you could print out a Grandmaster Glitch moustache from this biscuit recipe to decorate/colour in, stick them on a stick and take a group selfie of the party. You could print out your group selfie photo later to make a great thank you card for your guests.

Time to go

Grimbles! The party’s over. Send them home with their makes and a piece of cake! Who knows, maybe one a day a Go Jetters’ party could be coming to a home near you…