Information about Baby Jake

Target Age

2-5 year olds

Episode Duration

10 minutes

Show Summary

Aimed at two to five-year-olds, the show centres on nine-month-old baby Jake and his protective six-year-old brother Isaac as they leave the safety of their home (a windmill where they live with eight other brothers and sisters) to embark on some fantastic adventures. Narrated by Isaac, who is the only person who can understand what Baby Jake is saying, each episode sees Jake in a different environment, doing all the things babies love to do – rolling, laughing, sliding and playing, but rather than rolling around on the sofa he may be flying through the cosmos with space hamsters or sliding down an iceberg with a clumsy penguin! The show mixes live action with bright and colourful 2D animation and is full of baby-speak songs, which we come to understand with the help of Isaac. At the end of each episode the boys return back to their windmill, and none of their family has any idea about the magical places they have been!

Main Characters

Baby Jake – A nine-month-old little boy who loves being the centre of attention with his siblings and having wonderful adventures with his big brother Isaac.

Isaac – Baby Jake’s doting six-year-old brother who loves playing with him and acts as our translator when they go on adventures together.

Siblings – Jake and Isaac have eight brothers and sisters who love them both dearly but have no idea about the amazing things they get up to. Their names start with letters A-J and Isaac introduces us to them all at the beginning of the show, with a little ditty: A is for Ava who's the oldest of all...B is for Blake who's ever so tall...C is for Chloe with her pet rat...D is for Dylan in his pirate hat...E is for Edie who loves eating peas...F is for Freddie who draws on his knees...G is for Ginny who thinks she’s a tree...H is for Harry who likes drinking iced tea...And I is for Isaac... See, it’s me! And J for is for Jake our baby brother... HELLO JAKE!

The Hamsternauts – A group of identical space hamsters who Jake meets in outer space.

Sydney the Cheeky Monkey – An incredibly laid-back monkey who just goes with the flow.

Pengy Quin – A clumsy penguin who Jake meets in snowy or icy environments.

Nibbles the Rabbit – A pogo-jumping rabbit who is full of enthusiasm and can burrow through anything.

Educational Benefits

Baby Jake helps children to:

  • Think about language and how we communicate, especially as babies.
  • Develop their imagination and engage in fantasy.
  • Understand a baby’s development, and how children develop as they get older.