Information about Gigglebiz

Target Age

2-6 year olds

Episode Duration

15 minutes

Show Summary

A comedy sketch show for children of all ages, Gigglebiz is fronted by Bafta-winning children’s presenter Justin Fletcher (better known as Mr Tumble). Each 15-minute episode is a series of short funny sketches featuring a variety of madcap and eccentric characters who get themselves into all kinds of trouble. Justin uses extensive make-up and elaborate costumes to transform himself into 20 different alter egos who get themselves into all kinds of tricky and hilarious situations, usually of their own making.

Main Characters

King Flannel – A mischievous old rogue who loves trying to outwit his butler.

The Berito Brothers – A troupe of jaded acrobats who are past their best, particularly the third one - Justin.

Gail Force – A glamorous weather presenter who only seems to be able to forecast weather that happens to her.

Rapids Johnson – An intrepid explorer who never quite manages to find the animal he’s looking for, even when it’s behind him.

Educational Benefits

Gigglebiz helps children to:

  • Develop their sense of humour.
  • Recognise different characters by their appearance, characteristics and catchphrases.
  • Develop their imagination and storytelling skills.
  • Interact with a narrative.
  • Develop their problem-solving skills.