Information about Justin's House

Target Age

3-6 year-olds

Episode Duration

25 minutes

Show Summary

Justin’s House is a fun, pantomime party of a show, packed full of comedy moments and starring Justin Fletcher, his helpful robot, Robert, and a cheeky Little Monster. Don't forget to keep an eye out for cameo appearances from many other CBeebies stars as they join in the action! Featuring singing, dancing and comedy chaos, tots will roar with laughter as Justin and his friends get themselves into all sorts of hilarious situations around his house!

Main Characters

Justin - Funny, lovable and caring, Justin is the show's host. He's in charge of encouraging the audience to join in the fun whenever possible!

Robert - Justin’s helpful Robot friend loves cake and delights in keeping the house tidy!

Little Monster - Little Monster is a mistress of destruction - she delights in popping up to cause mischief at every opportunity!

Educational Benefits

Justin's House helps children to:

  • Roar with laughter, through fun and playful antics.
  • Join in, by singing along with Justin, anticipating the action and advising the characters.
  • Explore and play games.
  • Feel part of the show.