Information about Nina and the Neurons

Target Age

4-6 year olds

Episode Duration

15 minutes

Show Summary

A science programme for four to six-year-olds, Nina and the Neurons focuses on everyday conundrums and answers many of the questions asked by small children, such as why do our fingers go wrinkly in the bath or why are washing machines so noisy? Each 15-minute episode takes place in a fictional lab where scientist Nina is carrying out experiments and follows a team of youngsters who have a particular question for her. With the assistance of Nina’s five animated neurons that live in her brain, the children help to carry out a series of experiments and visit several exciting locations to find the answer.

Main Characters

Nina - A fictional, outgoing, cheery neuroscientist who works at the Glasgow Science Centre. She loves experimenting and finding the answer to everyday questions with the help of her five animated neurons.

The Neurons – Live in Nina’s brain and, like real neurons, send messages to control her senses.

Luke – (Yellow) Helps with Nina’s sense of sight. He’s the group leader but very laid back.

Ollie – (Purple) Helps Nina to smell. She’s Bud’s sister and very confident.

Felix – (Green) Helps with Nina’s sense of touch. He’s sensitive and rather posh.

Belle – (Pink) Helps Nina to hear. She’s loud and bossy.

Baby Bud – (Blue) Is Nina’s taste buddy and the baby of the group.

Educational Benefits

Nina and the Neurons helps children to:

  • Have fun with science.
  • Learn how science affects us every day.
  • Ask more questions about how things work and why.
  • Think about their own bodies and become more aware of their own senses.
  • Understand how science and experiments can start at home and in the everyday.