Information about Swashbuckle

Target Age

3-6 year-olds

Episode Duration

23 minutes

Show Summary

This pirate game show takes place on the site of the shipwreck of the Scarlet Squid, in which three "naughty pirates" − Captain Sinker and her hapless shipmates Cook and Line – have stolen and hidden Gem's five jewels. Four children compete in a series of games to try to win back the jewels, under the watchful eye of the ship's parrot Squawk. 

After two games, any remaining jewels are hunted against the clock as the children try to find them hidden within the shipwreck. If the children successfully retrieve all of the jewels, a wheel is spun to determine which of the three pirates must walk the plank into the gunge-filled Ship’s Mess – much to the enjoyment of the Swashbucklers!

Main Characters

  • Gem
  • Cook
  • Line
  • Captain Stinker
  • Captain Captain
  • Squawk – a parrot

Educational Benefits

Swashbuckle helps children to explore and play games.